The Rafat and Zoreen Ansari Institute for Global Engagement with Religion is dedicated to the study of religion around the world and serves as a center of public deliberation and education through research, teaching, outreach, and interaction with religious communities and the public worldwide. 

The Institute was established to examine the roles that religions play in the public sphere and in crucial sectors such as health care, education, and the economy. It also actively promotes exchanges among religious traditions while focusing on the distinctive contributions religions make to the common good. 

The Institute’s problem-focused research, education, and engagement with religions around the world is inspired by a holistic model of human development and animated by a belief in the dignity of the human person. Our work requires openness to the wisdom of diverse faith traditions, respectful partnerships with local actors, and collaborations across the disciplines to mediate conflict, build peace, serve refugees, reduce poverty, advance justice, and build sustainable habitats.