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The following three-credit courses spanning the University will be offered in Fall 2022. They are listed by home department, and many crosslist across several degree programs, so it can be possible to take a course that appears to be full by registering under a cross-listed department. Please note that some classes have prerequisites or restrictions that may be waived by instructor or department. In addition to courses not listed, pertinent one-credit or two-credit courses may also be applied to electives, in consultation with the academic advisor. 

Global Affairs
American Evangelicals and Global Affairs (KSGA 30607)
Asian Spiritualities and Global Affairs (KSGA 30605)
Islam and Global Affairs (KSGA 30603)

Africana Studies
Introduction to Africana Studies (AFST 20082)

American Studies
Buddhism in America (AMST 30133)
Religion in America (AMST 30190)
The Vietnam War and American Catholics (AMST 30165)

Global Cultural Worlds (ANTH 20203)
The European Dream (ANTH 20390)
Religion, Myth, and Magic (ANTH 30330)

Development Studies
Health, Culture, and Society (IDS 30560)

American Prophets: U.S. Poetry and Social Protest (ENGL 20721)

Education, Schooling, and Society
Education Law and Policy (ESS 30605)

Corporate Governance and Catholic Social Teaching (FIN 40470)

17th-Century England: Divine Kings, Puritan Consciences and Violent Actions (HIST 30412)
American Empires (HIST 30622)
Christianity, Commerce, and Consumerism: The Last 1000 Years (HIST 30390)
Global Catholicism (HIST 20350)
Intro to Islamic History (HIST 30080)
Transforming the Roman World (HIST 30340)

Irish Language and Literature
Travels to Medieval Lands (IRLL 30224)

Primo Levi: Literature and Life (ROIT 40914)

Latino Studies
Introduction to Latino Studies (ILS 20701)

Medieval Studies
Medieval Violence (MI 30008)

Middle Eastern Studies
Introduction to Islamic Civilization (MELC 20070)
Islamic Theology: From Classical Origins to Modern Challenges (MELC 30071)

Peace Studies
Jewish Politics and Modernity (IIPS 40303)
Structural and Cultural Violence (IIPS 30308)
War, Peace, and the Catholic Imagination (IIPS 30603)

Political Science
Catholicism and Politics (POLS 30654)
Native American Politiics and Philosophy (POLS 30727)
Philanthropy and the Common Good (POLS 30142)

The Giant of the South: Brazil in the 21st Century (LLRO 40952)

Deities, Denominations, and Diversity (SOC 20672)
Research on American Cultural Change and Secularization (SOC 40966)

Christianity and World Religions (THEO 20828)
Christianity in Africa (THEO 40226)
Christianity, Mission, and the Expansion of the Church (THEO 20229)
Eastern Churches (THEO 20249)
The Heart’s Desire and Social Change (THEO 40632)
Islam and Christian Theology (THEO 20830)
Latino Theology and Christian Tradition (THEO 20214)
Rich, Poor and War (THEO 20619)
Religion and Literature (THEO 40823)
Saints and the Theology of Warfare (THEO 20264)
Science, Theology, and Creation (THEO 20888)
Theology, Ethics, and Business (THEO 20639)
Theology from the Margins (THEO 20808)
Women in the Church (THEO 20429)