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The following three-credit courses spanning the University will be offered in Fall 2023. They are listed by home department, and many crosslist across several degree programs, so it can be possible to take a course that looks “full” by registering under a crosslisted department. Please note that some classes have prerequisites or restrictions that may be waived by instructor or department. In addition to courses not listed, pertinent one- or two-credit courses may also be applied to electives, in consultation with the academic advisor.

Global Affairs

Engaging Religions (KSGA30600/GLAF30119)

American Evangelicals and Global Affairs (KSGA30607)

American Adventurism in the Muslim World (KSGA30604)

Modern Islamic Thought (KSGA20600/GLAF20105)

Africana Studies

Introduction to Africana Studies (AFST20082)

Diaspora Religions in Film (AFST20477)

American Studies

American Conspiracies (AMST30117)

Immigrant America (AMST30145)

Indigenous Cinema (AMST30186)

Religion in America (AMST30190)

Sustainable America (AMST30105)

The Vietnam War and American Catholics (AMST30165)


Global Cultural Worlds (ANTH20203)

Legacies of the Southwest (ANTH30592)

Person, Self, Body, Mind (ANTH43404)

Psychic Life (ANTH30200)

Religion, Myth, and Magic (ANTH30330)


Economy, Divine and Human (ECON30160)

Economics of the Seven Deadly Sins (ECON43570)


James Baldwin (ENGL40873)

Education, Schooling, and Society

Education Law and Policy (ESS30605)

Religion, Education, and Democracy (ESS33523)


Corporate Governance and Catholic Social Teaching (FIN40470)


Chinese Ways of Thought (HIST30087)

Law and Religion in American History (HIST30640)

Priests and Nuns in American Culture (HIST30638)

Toleration across History (HIST30985)

Transforming the Roman World (HIST30340)

Western Civilization to 1500 (HIST20200)

Irish Language and Literature

Storied Landscapes IRL to CHI (IRL30118)

Latino Studies

Introduction to Latino Studies (ILS20701)

Medieval Studies

Medieval Violence (MI30008)

Middle Eastern Studies

Introduction to Islamic Civilization (MELC20070)

Islamic Theology: From Classical Origins to Modern Challenges (MELC30071)

Peace Studies

Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Through Films (IIPS40416)

Structural and Cultural Violence (IIPS30308)


Islamic PoliticalPhilosophy (PHIL43426)

Philosophy, Gender, and Feminism (PHIL43318)

Political Science

Catholicism and Politics (POLS30654)

Church, State, and the American Constitution (POLS30662)

Liberalism and Conservatism (POLS30664)

Philanthropy and the Common Good (POLS30142)

The Politics of Polarization (POLS30118)


Deities, Denominations, and Diversity (SOC20672)


Catholic Social Teaching (THEOO40613)

Christianity and Buddhism (THEO20847)

Eastern Churches (THEO20249)

Faith and Science (THEO20896)

The Heart’s Desire and Social Change (THEO40632)

Islam and Christian Theology (THEO20830)

Islamic Theology (THEO30702)

Latino Theology and Christian Tradition (THEO20214)

Reconciliation (THEO20673)

Rich, Poor and War (THEO20619)

Religion and Literature (THEO40823)

Saints and the Theology of Warfare (THEO20264)

Science, Theology, and Creation (THEO20888)

Theology, Ethics, and Business (THEO20639)Theology of Religions (THEO40728)

Women in the Church (THEO20429)