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The following three-credit courses spanning the University will be offered during the spring 2021 semester. They are listed by home department, and many cross-list across several degree programs, so it can be possible to take a course that looks “full” by registering under a cross-listed department. Please note that some classes have prerequisites or restrictions that may be waived by instructor or department. In addition to courses not listed, pertinent one- or two-credit courses may also be applied to electives, in consultation with the academic advisor. 

Global Affairs

Engaging Religions KSGA 30600
American Adventurism in the Islamic World KSGA 30604

Africana Studies

Introduction to Africana Studies AFST 20082

American Studies

Buddhism in America  AMST 30133
Faith and Feminism AMST 30167
Notre Dame and America  AMST 30129
Native American Literature AMST 30141
Native American Studies AMST 30180
Religion and Irreligion AMST 43151
Religion in America  AMST 30190


“Charlie Don’t Surf” ANTH 33203 ANTH 33203
Global Cultural Worlds ANTH 20203
Global Migrations ANTH 33314

East Asian Languages and Literatures

The Chinese Religious World Today LLEA 30108


Cast Out! Identity, Belonging, and Religious Difference in American Literature ENGL 20748
Labor, Narrative, and the Catholic Social Tradition ENGL 20710
Poetry and Religion ENGL 40536

Education, Schooling, and Society

Faith-Based Schools ESS 33637
Issues of Diversity in Young Adult Literature ESS 33629


A Social History of Science and Religion HIST 30044
Catholics and U.S. Public Life  HIST 33757
Christianity, Commerce, and Consumerism: The Last 1,000 Years HIST 30390
Civilizations, Nations, and Identities in Modern Europe  HIST 30521
Columbus in History and Memory HIST 30896
From Persecution to Emancipation: English Catholicism (c. 1530-1850) HIST 34415
From Humors to Hysteria: Human and Political Bodies in European History, 1517-1918 HIST 30456
From the Crusades to the Ottoman Empire: The Eastern Mediterranean 1000-1500 HIST 30341
Nationalism and National Movements in the Middle East  HIST 30079

Irish Language and Literature

Travels to Medieval Holy Lands, Otherworlds, and “New Worlds” IRLL 30244

Latino Studies

Introduction to Latino Studies  ILS 20701

Middle Eastern Studies

Formation of the Modern Middle East MELC 20055

Romance Languages and Literatures

Italy and Islam LLRO 30613

Peace Studies

The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict through Films IIPS 40416
Peace, Ecology, and International Development IIPS 40409
Social Movements, Conflict, and Peacebuilding IIPS 40807
Themes in Islamic Ethics: History and Contemporary Debates  IIPS 40418


Buddhist Philosophy PHIL 20245
Climate and Culture  PHIL 20657
Science and Catholicism PHIL 20627

Political Science

Church and State: A Moot Court Seminar  POLS 40076
Politics and Conscience POLS 30653
Faith, Freedom, and Fanaticism: Religion and Politics in the World Today POLS 30567
Religion in American Politics POLS 33028


The Giant of the South: Brazil ROPO 40952


Deities, Denominations, and Diversity SOC 20672
Environment, Food, and Society SOC 20666


African Literature and the Moral Imagination THEO 40634
The Aksesis of Nonviolence THEO 20643
Bible, Black Church, Blues THEO 20112
Catholic Social Teaching THEO 40613
Christian Anthropology THEO 40805
Christianity and Buddhism THEO 20847
Christianity and World Religions THEO 20828
Christianity, Mission, and the Expansion of the Church THEO 23229
Codifying Jewish Theology in the Medieval Islamic World THEO 40285
Eastern Churches THEO 20249
Faith and Science THEO 20896
God and Slavery in the Americas THEO 20674
The Heart’s Desire and Social Change THEO 40632
In Dark Times  THEO 20207
Islam and Christian Theology THEO 20830
Jewish-Christian Disputations to Dialogue THEO 20204
Medicine and Health(care) in the Ancient and Early Christian World  THEO 40277
The Qur’an and its Relation to the Bible THEO 40286
Religion and Literature THEO 40823
Salvation and Liberation THEO 40877
Science, Theology, and Creation THEO 20888
Theologizing Women: An Exploration into Muslim and Christian Feminist Theologies THEO 40722
Theology and Ecology THEO 20626
Theology, Ethics, and Business THEO 20639
War, Peace, and Revolution THEO 20659
Worlds of Buddhism THEO 40158