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The following three-credit courses spanning the University will be offered in fall 2021. They are listed by home department, and many cross-list across several degree programs, so it can be possible to take a course that appears to be full by registering under a cross-listed department.

Please note that some classes have prerequisites or restrictions that may be waived by instructor or department. In addition to courses not listed, pertinent one-credit or two-credit courses may also be applied to electives, in consultation with the academic advisor. 

Global Affairs

Asian Spiritualities and Global Affairs  KSGA 30605
Islam and Global Affairs KSGA 30603
Modern Islamic Thought  KSGA 20600

Africana Studies

Introduction to Africana Studies AFST 20082

American Studies

America’s Culture Wars  AMST 30147
Religion in America AMST 30190
The Vietnam War and American Catholics AMST 30165


Global Cultural Worlds ANTH 20203
Identity, Equality, and Democracy ANTH 43303
The World in Rome ANTH 20323

Art History

Borderlands Art and Theory ARHI 30805

Development Studies

Ethical Issues in Humanitarian Practice IDS 30554
Health, Culture, and Society IDS 30560


Charity and Voluntarism ECON 43501


The Common Good and Renaissance Humanism in 16th and 17th Century England ENGL 20246
Dilemmas of American Transcendentalism ENGL 40609

Education, Schooling, and Society

Education Law and Policy ESS 30605


Corporate Governance and Catholic Social Teaching FIN 40470


Catholicism and Empire  HIST 43557
Global Sixties HIST 43978
History of Global Catholicism from the French Revolution to Pope Francis HIST 30350
Law and Religion in US History  HIST 30640
Medieval Mediterranean Faiths HIST 10201
Transforming the Roman World HIST 30340

Irish Language and Literature

“Fingers Crossed!”: Ireland’s Folk Custom and Belief  IRLL 30112
Storied Landscapes IRL to CHI: from St. Patrick to Derry Girls and Ferris Bueller IRLL 30244

Latino Studies

Introduction to Latino Studies ILS 20701

Medieval Studies

Medieval Violence MI 30008

Middle Eastern Studies

Introduction to Islamic Civilization MELC 20070
Islamic Theology: From Classical Origins to Modern Challenges MELC 30071

Romance Languages and Literatures

Images of the Priest in French Culture  LLRO 40605

Peace Studies

Love and Violence  IIPS 40607
Religion in International and Global Relations IIPS 30408
War, Peace, and the Catholic Imagination IIPS 30603


Buddhist Philosophy  PHIL 20245
Philosophy, Gender, and Feminism  PHIL 43318
Science and Catholicism PHIL 20627

Political Science

Catholicism and Politics POLS 30654
Liberalism and Conservatism POLS 30664


Society and Spirit SOC 43600


Bible, Black Church, Blues  THEO 20112
Catholic Social Teaching THEO 40613
Catholic Social Teaching and Migration THEO 20676
Christianity and Buddhism THEO 20847
Christianity and Mission THEO 20229
Christianity and World Religions THEO 20828
Comparative Religious Ethics: Buddhist and Christian THEO 40828
Creation, Ecology, Technology THEO 20110
Environmental Ethics THEO 20845
The Heart’s Desire and Social Change THEO 40632
Improvising Peace: Toward a Theology of Peacebuilding THEO 40724
Introduction to Scholastic Theology THEO 40239
Islam and Christian Theology THEO 20830
Jewish-Christian Disputations to Dialogue THEO 20204
Reconciliation THEO 20673
Rich, Poor and War THEO 20619
Religion and Literature THEO 40823
Saints and the Theology of Warfare THEO 20264
Science, Theology, and Creation THEO 20888
Theology, Ethics, and Business THEO 20639
US Latino Catholicism THEO 40294