Interfaith Earth Day Ceremony and Flower Planting


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Interfaith conversation is imperative to achieving societal goals of deeper understanding, trust, and mutual respect for one another. The Interfaith Notre Dame Initiative (INDI), sponsored by the Ansari Institute for Global Engagement with Religion in partnership with the Building Interfaith Leadership Initiative (BILI) of Hebrew College and Interfaith America, aims to create an inclusive and supportive space (both physical and metaphorical) for students of any and all faiths, beliefs, religious affiliations, traditions, and worldviews to come together in a place where inter-religious conversation is fostered and encouraged.

The official kick-off will be held on Friday, April 21st near the north entrance to Duncan Student Center with an interfaith seed planting ceremony, in honor of Earth Day, led by several spiritual voices of unique faith traditions. Additionally, students will have posters that offer information about specific faith traditions' views on how to best care for our common planet. The Notre Dame community is invited to share in this interfaith gardening event where each participant will have the opportunity to plant a seed into a large planter and watch the flowers grow throughout the season. The idea is that the Notre Dame community will contribute to a shared garden that will bloom and flourish just as interfaith conversation, community, and understanding will continue to blossom with INDI. The ultimate goal for this initiative is to foster community, learning, understanding, and empathy among students on Notre Dame’s campus in an intentional space where these conversations and connections are encouraged and celebrated. In collaboration with students of varying faiths, religious traditions, and worldviews, this initiative will be the beginning of an interfaith program in the Ansari Institute for Global Engagement with Religion that is inclusive, respectful, and collaborative.

Co-sponsored with Ansari Institute for Global Engagement with Religion, Office of Sustainability, Student Government, Multicultural Student Programs and Services (MSPS) and Department of Landscaping

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