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  • Abdulsater 600 X 800

    Hussein Abdulsater

    (574) 631-6519

    Islamic tradition
    Muslim theological and ethical discourses
    Islamic intellectual history

  • Albahari 600 X 800

    Maurizio Albahari
    Anthropology and Global Affairs

    (574) 631-7759

    Migration and refugee mobility in Italy and
    the Euro-Mediterranean region
    Pluralism and religion in public life

  • Appleby 600 X 800

    Scott Appleby
    Global Affairs and History

    (574) 631-5665

    Global religious movements
    Global Catholicism

  • Avvakumov 600 X 800

    Yury Avvakumov
    Theology and History

    (574) 631-7153

    Papacy and Byzantine Christianity
    Christiainity in Russia and Ukraine
    Catholic-Orthodox Ecumenism


  • Campbell 600 X 800

    David Campbell
    Political Science

    (574) 631-7809

    Religion, politics, and civic engagement in US
    Secularism in US
    Mormons & American politics
    How religion unites and divides Americans
    Religion and US elections

  • Dochuk 600 X 800

    Darren Dochuk
    (574) 631-8281

    Intersections of religion, politics, and influence
    of American West and Sunbelt Southwest
    US religious history
    Evangelical conservatism
    Religion and politics in North America’s age of oil

  • Dowd 600 X 800

    Rev. Robert Dowd, C.S.C.
    Political Science and Global Affairs

    (574) 631-7756

    Religion, politics, and development in Africa
    and developing countries
    Civic engagement and tolerance
    Religion, national identity, and migration

  • Groody 600 X 800

    Rev. Daniel Groody, C.S.C.
    Theology and Global Affairs

    (574) 631-3233

    Refugees, faith and justice
    Global spirituality

  • Gurel 600 X 800

    Perin Gurel
    American Studies

    (574) 631-0250

    Culture and US foreign policy
    Modern Turkey and Iran
    Islam in the United States
    Gender and popular culture

  • Hilkert 600 X 800

    Mary Catherine Hilkert

    (574) 631-7290

    Contemporary Catholic theology
    and Church teaching
    Feminist theologies
    Women and the Church

  • Hoffman 600 X 800

    Michael Hoffman
    Political Science

    (574) 631-7679

    Religion and politics in the Middle East
    Relationship between communal religious practices
    and attitudes toward democracy

  • Jensen 600 X 800

    Lionel Jensen
    East Asian Languages and Cultures

    (574) 631-7699

    Chinese religion and thought
    Contemporary economy, politics, human rights,
    and religion in Asia

  • Katongole 600 X 800

    Emmanuel Katongole
    Theology and Peace Studies

    (574) 631-2219

    Politics, religion, and violence in Africa
    The theology of reconciliation
    Catholicism in the global South

  • Koesel 600 X 800

    Karrie Koesel
    Political Science and Global Affairs

    (574) 631-0829

    Religion and authoritarianism
    Religion and politics in China
    Religion and politics in Russia
    The politics of religion

  • Kollman 600 X 800

    Rev. Paul Kollman, C.S.C.

    (574) 631-3873

    African Christianity
    World Christianity
    Global Catholicism

  • Malkovsky 600 X 800

    Bradley Malkovsky

    (574) 631-7128

    World religions and World Church
    Comparative spirituality
    Comparative eschatology
    Comparative doctrines of the divine
    Hindu-Christian studies

  • Mcgreevy 600 X 800

    John McGreevy

    (574) 631-6067

    Catholicism and race
    Catholicism and American liberalism
    Globalization of Catholicism

  • Mckenny 600 X 800

    Gerald McKenny

    (574) 631-4520

    Christian ethics
    Religion, ethics, and biotechnology

  • Mirza 600 X 800

    Mahan Mirza
    Islam and Global Affairs

    (574) 631-1223

    Islam and science
    Islam in Pakistan and South Asia
    Madrasa engagement
    Religious literacy

  • Odozor 600 X 800

    Rev. Paulinus  Odozor, C.S. Sp

    (574) 631-6583

    Moral theology and Christian ethics
    Sex and sexuality in an ecumenical age
    African Christian theology
    Theology of marriage
    African literatures and morality

  • Omar 600 X 800

    Rashied Omar
    Islamic Studies

    (574) 631-7740

    Roots of religious violence
    Religion and constructive social engagement
    Interreligious peacebuilding
    Islamic ethics of war and peace

  • Omer 600 X 800

    Atalia Omer
    Religion, Conflict, and Peace Studies
    (574) 631-7121

    Religion, nationalism, and violence
    Interreligious peacebuilding
    Israeli-Palestinian conflict
    American Judaisim
    Religion, social movements, gender, and development

  • Pfeil 600 X 800

    Margaret Pfeil

    (574) 631-9378

    Moral theology and Christian ethics
    Catholic Social Teaching
    Peace studies
    Ecological ethics
    Racial justice

  • Philpott 600 X 800

    Daniel Philpott
    Political Science

    (574) 631-0573

    Christian political theology
    Religion and reconciliation in global politics
    Democraticzation, peace, civil war, and terrorism
    Religious freedom in Islam
    The Catholic Church in global politics

  • Powers 600 X 800

    Gerard Powers
    Peace Studies
    (574) 631-3765

    Catholic approaches to international affairs and peacebuilding
    Catholic approaches to the ethics of the use of force

  • Reynolds 600 X 800

    Gabriel Reynolds
    (574) 631-5138

    Qur'anic studies
    Muslim-Christian relations
    World Religions and World Church

  • Ryan 600 X 800

    Maura Ryan
    (574) 631-2799

    Religion, bioethics, and health policy
    Gender and bioethics
    Catholic social thought
    Fundamental moral theology

  • Sikkink David

    David Sikkink

    (574) 631-2736

    Education, religion, and politics
    Religious and private nonreligious school effects
    Civic education in religious and other private schools
    Religion and schooling choices
    Evangelical Protestants and political engagement

  • Sirry 600 X 800

    Mun'im Sirry

    (574) 631-1796

    Qur'anic studies
    Interreligious relations
    Political theology
    Modern Islamic thought
    Southeast Asian religions and cultures

  • Springs 600 X 800

    Jason Springs
    Religion, Ethics, and Peace Studies

    (574) 631-0931

    Religious ethics in Europe and North America
    Challenges of religious pluralism in conflict
    Islamophobia in Europe and North America

  • Smith 600 X 800

    Christian Smith

    (574) 631-4531

    Religious parenting in the US
    Religious and spiritual lives of American teenagers
    Giving and non-giving in American Christianity
    Radical religion
    American Evangelicalism

  • Cummings 600 X 800

    Kathleen Sprows Cummings
    American Studies and History

    (574) 631-8749

    History of women in Catholicism
    Women religious, sanctity, and American religion
    The papacy

  • St.Ville

    Susan St. Ville
    Peace Studies

    (574) 631-2628

    Religion, spirituality, and conflict
    Theology and feminism

  • Tweed 600 X 800

    Thomas Tweed
    American Studies and History

    (574) 631-7321

    Religion and migration
    Religion and environmental issues
    Religious diversity in North America, especially
    Buddhism and Christianity

Latest News

Ansari Institute and Religions for Peace Announce Strategic Partnership

Author: Josh Stowe

The Ansari Institute for Global Engagement with Religion is partnering with Religions for Peace, the world’s largest and most representative multi-religious movement advancing common action for peace. The partnership will allow the two organizations to work together on joint educational initiatives, collaborate on projects designed to advance understanding of interreligious work, and research multi-religious collaborative programs on human rights, peace and security, and sustainable development at various country levels.…

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Ansari faculty fellow Karrie Koesel testifies on religious freedom in China

Author: Colleen Sharkey

Koesel Karrie Medium Feature

The associate professor will testify on the People’s Republic of China’s strategies for asserting party control over religion, especially through sinicization, which calls on religious believers to integrate party loyalty into all aspects of religious life. She'll offer recommendations for how Congress and the Biden administration can effectively advocate for freedom of religion in China.

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On Poland trip, students reflect on religion, international law, and violence

Author: Josh Stowe

Powell Narrative Empathy

This summer, Charles W. Powell and Emilia Justyna Powell taught a summer study abroad course that challenged students to learn about atrocities such as genocide and crimes against humanity—including the Holocaust—in the context of international law, and to explore the role religion has played in international law.

Read More about On Poland trip, students reflect on religion, international law, and violence

Exploring Buddhism and the imagination: A conversation with faculty member Alexander Hsu

Author: Josh Stowe

Alex Hsu

In June, Ansari Institute faculty member Alexander Hsu attended “The Imagination and Imaginal Worlds in the Mirror of Buddhism,” a two-week summer institute offered through the National Endowment for the Humanities. The gathering, held at Mangalam Research Center in Berkeley, Calif., featured a mix of scholarly presentations, Q&A with faculty, and breakout sessions, all built around the concepts of Buddhism and imagination. Here, Hsu reflects on the experience, and the inspiration he drew from it as a scholar of Buddhism—and as a teacher.

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Monday, October 24, 2022

The Irish Buddhist: Transnational Buddhism and Opposition to Empire

Time: Mon Oct 24, 2022, 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm

Location: 1050 Jenkins Nanovic Halls

ABOUT THE LECTURE From 1900 to 1914 U Dhammaloka, a working-class Irish sailor who ordained as a Buddhist monk in Burma, organized missions across Southeast Asia to promote Buddhism and rail against British colonialism. As remarkable as his exploits were, study of Dhammaloka’s career reveals an even more fascinating network of Asian Buddhists organizers and a broader movement of plebian cosmopolitanism which constructed its own conceptions of what Buddhism, belonging and reform might mean. This talk will provide a glimpse into these networks in Rangoon, Bangkok, Singapore and Penang and discuss how paying attention to the religious connections of working class people in colonial areas across Asia can work to reorient the study of religion.…

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Tuesday, October 25, 2022

'Completing Partition: Lahore and the aftermath of the Babri Mosque demolition' lecture by Yaqoob Bangash '04

Time: Tue Oct 25, 2022, 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm

Location: 1050 Jenkins Nanovic Halls

Notre Dame alumnus Yaqoob Bangash '04 a Fulbright fellow at the Mittal Institute at Harvard University, will discuss his research on the emergence of Pakistan as a post-colonial state.  His lecture is sponsored by the Liu Institute's South Asia Group.…

Read More about 'Completing Partition: Lahore and the aftermath of the Babri Mosque demolition' lecture by Yaqoob Bangash '04

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