Nasr Book Prize Symposium: Cathonomics


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The Ansari Institute for Global Engagement with Religion is pleased to host the second annual Nasr Book Prize Symposium on the campus of the University of Notre Dame. 

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This year we are delighted to honor Dr. Anthony Annett, author of Cathonomics. The book links Catholic social thought and economic insights, addressing global inequality through a new paradigm that prioritizes the common good rather than economic gain for an elite few.

The Nasr Book Prize Symposium invites scholars from different faith traditions to respond to the provocative ideas in Cathonomics through the lens of their own scholarly interest and faith traditions. These are organized in a series of panels.

Cathonomics, which begins with a foreword by renowned economist Jeffrey Sachs, Annett draws from the work of Pope Leo XIII, Pope Benedict XVI, Pope Francis, Thomas Aquinas, and Aristotle, demonstrating how both ancient and contemporary wisdom can be deployed in the service of contemporary economic problems. Though Annett’s book prioritizes Catholic thought, he also aimed to address an audience outside the boundaries of Catholicism and even organized religion. “When I was writing, I had two audiences in mind: a Catholic audience, but also people of all faiths and no faith who are interested in a new economic paradigm that gets past the neoliberalism of the past four decades,” Annett said.

This event is free and open to the public. No advanced registration is required. See the full schedule of events and the distinguished list of panelists here.

A live-streamed video of this event will appear here at the appointed time.



We are grateful for the generosity of Drs. Sherif Nasr and Randa Nasr, co-founders of siParidigm Diagnostic Informatics in Pine Brook, N.J., whose support made this symposium possible.