Blacks, Jews, and Palestinians: A Forged Alliance


Location: Ansari Institute Lounge, Jenkins-Nanovic Room 1050 (View on

Poster of event featuring headshots of Atalia Omar, Darryl Heller, and Charles Powell.

Forged in the crucible of shared struggles, professors Atalia Omer of the University of Notre Dame and Darryl Heller of Indiana University South Bend will pair up to discuss the history between Blacks and Jews in America and their fight for justice and equality. Additionally, they will draw parallels between the struggle for justice in America to the struggle for Palestinian freedom and dignity, highlighting the connection between the fight for racial justice in this country and the movement for Palestinian liberation. The conversation will also engage the rise of pan-African/global south solidarity with Palestinians in the context of anticolonial struggles. This event will be moderated by Charles W. Powell. A short Q&A time will follow the discussion. This event will be live in-person and on zoom. Please RSVP.


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