Applications for the 2024 Rome Summer Seminars on Religion and Global Politics Are now open!

Author: Rebekah Go

Rome Picture 2

The Rome Summer Seminars on Religion and Global Politics is a two-week program for graduate students, scholars, and practitioners working at the crossroads of religion and global politics and is designed to draw on the unique religious and geopolitical resources of the city of Rome. The Ansari Instite for Global Engagement with Religion is one of the seminars' supporting institutions and Mahan Mirza, the Ansari Institute's Executive Director, is a member of the steering committee. This year's Rome Summer Seminar is scheduled to run from Sunday, June 2 through Saturday, June 15.

The goal of the seminars is to become an opportunity for reflection and writing specific to religion and politics that develops the future network of scholars and leaders knowledgeable about religion, education, and policy  with the ability to effectively engage major policy debates on religion and global affairs.Participants have the opportunity to explore emerging themes in the fields of religion and global politics while also meeting with religious leaders, scholars and policy-makers from across Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. Generous support for participants is available for this innovative program - designed specifically with doctoral candidates in mind but which may include MA students in the future.

More information about tuition, accomodations, meals and the application process may be found here.

Learn more about the dossier released from the Rome Summer Seminar held this past summer (2023):  Religion and Peacebuilding in Contemporary Global Crises.