Executive Director Mahan Mirza discusses the Madrasa Discourses Project on the Kroc Cast

Author: kroc.nd.edu

Faculty members associated with the Madrasa Discourses Project at the Kroc Institute discuss the program's unique efforts to engage madrasa scholars in conversations about religion, society and epistemology. Joshua Lupo, Madrasa Discourses classroom coordinator, moderates a conversation with Ebrahim Moosa, primary investigator for Madrasa Discourses; Mahan Mirza, executive director of the Ansari Institute and Madrasa Discourses advisor; Waris Mazhari, a faculty member in India; and Ammar Khan Nasir, a faculty member in Pakistan. The Madrasa Discourses project is part of the Contending Modernities initiative, which is a joint effort of the Kroc Institute and the Keough School of Global Affairs.

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