Rafat and Zoreen Ansari Recognized for Their Generosity

Author: Ansari Institute

Ansari Family Photo
Zoreen and Rafat Ansari are known for their generosity and community involvement. When their daughter Sonya (right) was diagnosed with autism, they looked for ways to help people with intellectual disabilities. Photo by Alisa Ferris.

Editor’s Note: The Chronicle of Philanthropy recently published a story recognizing our benefactors, Rafat and ZoreenAnsari, for their generosity and commitment to making a difference.

The full story is available to read on the Chronicle of Philanthropy website; you will need to create a free account to read it. An excerpt is included below with permission from the Chronicle.

By Maria Di Mento

The national philanthropy world learned about Zoreen and RafatAnsari in 2017 when they gave $15 million to the University of Notre Dame. The gift was to launch the Ansari Institute for Global Engagement with Religion, a scholarly center devoted to nurturing better understanding of the world’s religions and the roles they play in world events. To those in South Bend, Ind., however, the Ansaris have been well known as committed and reliable philanthropic leaders for four decades.

“The two words that come to mind are ‘influencer’ and ‘champion,’” says Matt Harrington, CEO of Logan Community Resources, a South Bend nonprofit that serves children and adults with physical and intellectual disabilities. “They’re well respected in our community, and they’ve touched lives in so many ways. People know that causes they’re associated with are worthwhile.”

The Ansaris have given a total of approximately $30 million to charity so far. In addition to their Notre Dame gift, they primarily support nonprofits that help people with autism and other disabilities, Ronald McDonald House Charities of Indiana-Michiana, Memorial Hospital, local hospice organizations, and other nonprofits that benefit people in the greater South Bend area.

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