From Doubt to Hope - Interfaith Action SW Michigan Internship

Author: Ansari Institute

Mia Moran completed her internship requirements for the past year (September 2022 - April 2023). During her internship, Mia played key roles in both the Celebration of the Harvest and Harvesters Event (a celebration of migrant workers), and the presentation of the 2023 Leadership of the Common Good Award to Senator Mallory McMorrow of Michigan. She also wrote a series of articles for our monthly newsletter engaging the issues of migration, indigenous populations in Michigan, and the importance of Interfaith work.   

Steven Slaubaugh, Co-Director of Programs and Administration at Interfaith Action SW Michigan, writes that "in addition to being an excellent writer and engaging a number of administrative tasks head-on, she has been an absolute joy to work with this past year. Mia will most certainly be missed. We wish her all the best in her journey ahead, and give thanks for all her excellent work this year!  We can't thank you and Ansari enough for your partnership this year, in funding the internship and for working to make it all possible. It has been our absolute pleasure to work with you and Mia."

Please read Mia's reflection about her internship: From Doubt to Hope: Rediscovering the Healing Power of Interfaith Action.