The Faith Factor: Reflections from a Recent Conference on Religion, Public Policy and Development in South Asia

Author: Maydan

Nikhil MenonNikhil Menon, Notre Dame history professor

A group of well-informed scholars and practitioners came together to discuss highly topical issues with an extremely engaged audience at the Notre Dame South Asia Conference in Washington DC, from May 14-15, 2019. The conference highlighted the presence of a South Asia Working Group at the University of Notre Dame, comprising scholars from several departments and schools around the campus. In keeping with the theme of “Religion, Public Policy and Development,” the conference received generous funding from the Keough School, the Kellogg Institute for International Development, the Liu Institute for Asia and Asian Studies and the Ansari Institute for Global Engagement with Religion.

The first day of the conference featured a series of academic and policy presentations. The presentations and discussions were interdisciplinary in nature, featuring scholars of Islamic Studies, history, economics, political science, and anthropology, as well as policy professionals from organizations such as the World Bank, the State Department, the Brookings Institution, the Joint Learning Initiative on Faith and Local Communities, and Chatham House.

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