Witnessing the Work of Advancing Gender Equity and Women's Rights at Religions for Peace

Author: Kelly Shinnick

The Ansari Instite for Global Engagement with Religion is pleased to partner with Religions for Peace to offer a student internship program. Notre Dame undergraduate and graduate students have the opportunity to apply to intern with Religions for Peace for a semester or summer internship and receive financial support from the Ansari Institute. The following is a reflection from Kelly Shinnik, a Spring 2023 Religions for Peace undergraduate intern supported by our Institute.

This past semester, I was offered the opportunity to work with Religions for Peace through the Ansari Institute at Notre Dame. During my time with Religions for Peace, I was able to work with various staff members, but I primarily worked under Liliana Ashman, the Executive Officer and Special Assistant to the Secretary General. I contributed to various tasks, including collecting data or researching subjects for Ms. Ashman as well as transcribing several staff meetings and Commissions.

Kelly Shinnick
Undergraduate Student Kelly Shinnick before her internship at Religions for Peace

My personal favorite experience was transcribing a quarterly meeting of the International Women’s Coordinating Committee and the Standing Commission on Advancing Gender Equality. Gender equality and women’s rights are subjects that are very close to my heart and I’ve spent my four years at Notre Dame researching and advocating for those rights. As a result, the ability to watch and be a small part of the production of such an amazing Commission was incredibly rewarding. I was able to hear the perspectives of Religions for Peace members across the world as they shared their views, experiences, and concerns, which offered an incredibly diverse perspective that I haven’t been able to experience thus far in my academic journey.

This internship meant a lot to me because in addition to work experience and a meaningful contribution to society, it directly addressed my passions and values. I truly believe that Religions for Peace is an incredible organization and the work that they do is actively bettering our world. I am so thankful for the time that I was able to spend working with and learning from them.