Refugees and Migrants: Integral Human Development and Religious Perspectives


Location: Ansari Institute Lounge, Jenkins-Nanovic Room 4148

Explore the profound dynamics of refugees and migrants through the unique perspectives of three Master of Global Affairs students specializing in International Peace Studies. In this enlightening colloquium, Hay Mar Khaing and Diana Seng Hkawn will share their direct experiences from the Rohingya refugee camps in Myanmar, shedding light on the intersection of International Humanitarian Law (IHD) and the rights and protection of displaced populations. Discover the challenges and potential solutions within the ongoing Rohingya refugee crisis. Additionally, Henri Fabrice Ndayizeye, who has lived and worked in refugee camps in Burundi, will offer insights into how religious beliefs impact displacement and the daily realities faced by refugees. This discussion promises to provide a holistic view of the multifaceted issues surrounding refugees and migrants, highlighting the roles of IHD and religion in their experiences and protection. Join us for an engaging exploration of these vital global topics.

A light lunch will be provided.

This is part of the Ansari Institute's long-standing Multifaith Integral Human Development Colloquium series that is led by Master of Global Affairs students within the Keough School of Global Affairs. This series is co-sponsored by the Nanovic Institute for European Studies.